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Roos Woodworking Machine - RoosWoodMac Roos Woodworking Machine - RoosWoodMac

Our company

Rooswoodworking machinery is a global dealer in industrial machinery. We mainly supply the continent of Africa.
Our main machine line is intended for the wood working and sawmilling industry. We also sell metal working machinery as well as a wide range of screw compressors and parts.
Rooswoodworking machinery is not only a supplier of machinery but we also do services and maintenance plans and we have a fully operational reconditioning workshop.

Our products

See our catalogue of brand new products

See our pre-owned products

  • - Boring
  • - CNC Routers
  • - Dust Extractors
  • - Edgebanders
  • - Finger Joint
  • - Kilns
  • - Moulders
  • - Press
  • - Sanding
  • - Planers
  • - Saws
  • - Sawmill
  • - Sharpeners
  • - Spindles
  • - Spare parts

Our Services

Roos Woodworking Machine

Welcome !

Machines and what they do for you…

Allow us to take you on a journey, unlike any other you have ever encountered before. It is a journey that can be as exhilarating as buying a new Rolls-Royce. Unlike the Rolls-Royce, which depreciates, the machines you buy actually earn their value back over and over. See it as an investment if you like.

Our journey with you will start with the end in mind. The PRODUCT you want to make. Your aim is never to buy the fanciest machines, because you can’t drive them around like a Rolls-Royce, rather it is to manufacture your product in the most effective and best way possible, over a certain period of time.

You may not have thought about all the factors involved when choosing the correct machine, but we have! Allow us to share the following Curriculum Vitae of a machine:

Dear boss,

I am the best candidate for the job because of my outstanding characteristics, as listed below.

  • I never tire. Others need sleep, but I don’t.
  • I am stronger than your other employees, let me do the heavy lifting.
  • Nobody ever beats me at my job. Not even Bolt reaches the finish line faster than me.
  • I have perfect precision every time.
  • I will obey you every time, exactly as you command.
  • I never complain. With time I may squeak and purr, but I keep on working.
  • In the unlikely event that I have a problem, there is always a logical solution.
  • I don’t get bored, even if I have to do the same thing forever.
  • I don’t lose memory or focus. Teach me once and I keep going.
  • Not only do I guarantee to earn my keep, but yours as well, if you use me enough.
  • I have a few friends, who are just like me, and together we can change your workshop, your life and your bank account!

You won’t make a mistake by taking me on. You can pursue your wildest dreams as I keep working, day and night! Thank you for your consideration.


Feel inspired already? Let’s continue on our journey. Moving past the initial starting point, the PRODUCT, we also need to consider factors such as SPACE, POWER, EXPERTISE, BACK-UP SERVICE, PARTS, AIR SUPPLY AND EXTRACTION. All of these aspects need to work together in perfect harmony, and when they do, you will stand in awe of a perfectly greased production line that is as desirable as a brand new Rolls-Royce!!!


Where are we ?

Sales/workshop : Teun Roos
Heidelberg GP
30 H.F. Verwoerd drive
R42- 4km direction Vereeniging

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