Belt sander, SFmac, NTR-RP1000, Double Belt.



Model: NTR-RP1000;

Working width: 30-1000 mm;

working thickness: 2.5-110 mm;

Working length: ≥ 450 mm;

NO.1# abrasive belt speed: 20 m/s;

No.2# abrasive belt speed: 18 m/s;

Feeding speed: 4-16 m/min;

Size of abrasive belt (W x P): 1020 X 2000 mm;

Total motor power: 28.05 kw;

Main motor: 18.5 kW,15 kw;

Woking air pressure: 0.55 Mpa;

consumption of compressed air: 0.1m³ / min;

volume of sucked air: 9000 m³ / h;

speed of sucked air: 25-30 m/s;

overall dimension (L x W x H): 1900 x 1700 X 2100 mm;

Net weight: 2200 kg;