Horizontal Breakdown Bandsaw,GT660 Electric motor




Type: GT-660E Saw Mill;

Colour: Red powder coated;


Carriage: standard length, 5.850 mm;

Carriage: rails distance, 770 mm;

Tracks: 3 tracks x 1.950 mm;

Maximum log diameter: 660 mm (26”);

Maximum cutting height: 630 mm;

Opening between legs: 800 mm;

Maximum board width: 520 mm;

Maximum slab thickness: 180 mm;

Maximum length of cut: 5.050 mm;

Ruler size: 620 mm;


Electric motor: 7.5 kW, 380 Volt,

Wheel sizes: Ø-480 x 25 mm;

Bandsaw blade size: 32 x 3.657 mm;

Levelling: levelling system, 2x short fasteners & 2x long fasteners

Blade protection: safety bow;

Condition: NEW;

Warranty: 1 year;


Overall dimensions: 5.970×1.800×1.570 mm;

Crate dimensions: 2.170 x 900 x 630;

Weight: 450 kg:



 Rails length: 5.850 mm, cutting maximum length: 5.050 mm.
With extension, 1.950 mm, cutting log size up to 7.000 mm.

Customers production report:

Sawn timber: ± 5-6 m³ / day on longer logs, ±3-4 m³ on shorter logs