Moulder, V-HOLD, VH-M416, 4-head, 160mm



V-HOLD, moulder, 4-head, 160 mm

Four sided moulder (Middle Duty Series)

Make: V-HOLD

Made in China

Model: VH-M416

Year: 2018


Working width: 25-160 mm
Working thickness: 8-120 mm
Length of straightening table: 1500 mm

Straightening table: Hard Chromed, wear resistant

Easy feeding: steel bottom table rollers

Table oil lubrication: lubrication pump, manual
Spindle shaft size: Ø-40 mm
Spindle shaft speed: 6500 rpm

Independent electric motors

  • 1st lower shaft: 4 kW
  • Right vertical spindle: 3 kW
  • Left vertical spindle: 3 kW
  • 1st upper shaft: 4 kW
  • Feeding Beam Lifting: 2.2 kW


Rise & Fall motor: 0.37 kW
Feeder motor: 2.2 kW
Variable feed speed: 6 – 36 m / min, by Frequency Inverter

Electrical connection: 16.57 kW

Electrical switches: German brand (SCHNEIDER), with overload protection

Pneumatic pressure on feed rollers: hold-down air cylinders

Feed roller pressure: adjustable, to unblock wood pieces / different thickness

Pneumatic Pressure: 6 Bar / 0.6 Mpa, service unit

Protection: complete safety hood, sound reducing


Diameter cutter blocks

  • 1st lower shaft: Ø-125 mm
  • Right vertical spindle: Ø-125 – 160 mm
  • Left vertical spindle: Ø-125 – 160 mm
  • 1st upper shaft: Ø-125 – 160 mm


Feed rollers: Ø 140 mm

Dust extraction outlet: 4-outlets, Ø 140 mm


Overall dimensions:




Including: 4 x standard straight planer blocks

Guarantee: 12 months after date of delivery



We are the Sole Agent for V-HOLD, Moulders, for Southern Africa