Multi Borer, 21-spindle, automatic, ROOSMAC, BM21S




Model: MB21S;

Machine nr: 17-083-G;


Fast-set, Line Boring Machine;

Boring beam: single row 21-spindle;

Working width: 750 mm;

Number of spindle: 21, 11-right, 10-left;

Maximum boring depth: 50 mm;

Collet size: 10 mm, quick-change collets;
Distance between spindles: 32mm c.t.c.;

Total: 32 mm x 21-spindle = 672 mm;

Table size: 890 x 625 mm;

Boring spindle speed: 2800 rpm, right & left run;

Motor: TEFC, 1.5 kW, 380 Volt, 2840 rpm;

Length of fence: 900 mm, right & left;

Depth control: 6-position turret depth stop;

Clamping: 2x pneumatic clamping cylinder;

Controlled: by foot pedal – motor starts only by pressing pedal;

Boring position: vertical + horizontal, 0-90°, pneumatic cylinder;

Pneumatic service unit;

Working pressure: 6-8 bar;


Condition: New;

Weight: ± 350kg;

Overall dimensions: ca. 1000 x 1.100 x 1.300 mm;