Sliding Table Panelsaw, UA3200S,



Sliding Table Panelsaw;

Model: UA3200S;

Condition: New;


Sliding table: 3.200 x 375 mm;

Cutting length: max. 3.200 mm;

Cutting width: max 1.250 mm;

Cutting height: max 70 mm;

Saw blade diameter: Ø-300 mm;

Speed of main saw blade: 4000 + 6000 rpm;

Tilting arbour: manual, 90-45°;

Electric motor, saw: 5.5 kW, 2915 rpm, 380 Volt;

Scoring saw blade diameter: Ø-120;

Speed of scoring saw blade: 8000 rpm;

Electric motor, scoring unit: 1.1 kW;

Inclusive: set of saw blades;


Guarantee: 12 month;

Weight: 800 kg;

Overall dimensions: 3.200 x 2.550 x 900 mm;