RoosWoodMac supplies MYHZ and MYHG series of steam heated automatic control wood drying kiln and MYHG-SR series of steam heating semi-automatic control wood drying kilns consist of the kiln body, control system, heating system, spraying system, air circulating system, dehumidifying system and kiln entrance system.

Its control method is advanced, flexible, easy to operate, has high accuracy in temperature and humidity control and is suitable for large or medium sized companies.

Kiln Body

The body of the RoosWoodMac drying kiln can be a steel construction or a brick building with the same control system and main technical parameters. Steel construction kiln is a disassembled type, built by RoosWoodMac, while brickwork kiln is to be built by clients themselves with the civil work drawings provided by Trust Company.

  1. A steel construction kiln body is a disassembled type with steel framework and colored aluminum alloy wall plates. This body is characterized by high strength, heat-insulating property, short construction period and convenient disassembling.
  2. Brickwork body is a brickwork construction. Though construction period is long, yet it is durable and less expensive.


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