Straight Knife and Chipper Blade Sharpener,Auto,MF256,



 Straight Knife and Chipper Blade Sharpener,Auto,W-HONE, MF256,

Planer / Chipper Blade Sharpener, Wet;

Make: W-HONE;

Model: MF256;

Condition: NEW;


Effective grinding capacity: 700 mm;

Table rotation angle: 0-90 degree;

Grinding head motor: 380 Volt, 1.5 kW, 2800 rpm;

Grinding head speed: 6 m/min;

Feeder motor: 60 Watt;

Cooling pump motor: 40 Watt;

Driving motor: automatic head moving;

Water pump: water cooling;

Grinding wheel: Ø-125 x 40mm, bore Ø-32mm;


Guarantee: 12 month;


Overall dimensions: 1.170 x 620 x 1.300 mm;

Weight: 176 kg;