VK-26 Debaker



Used VK-26 debarker  

Max log diameter: 620mm 

Valon Cone.  

Made in Finland 

In perfect condition 

We have 2 available. 

Ex Heidelberg. 

Valon Kone’s debarker model VK26MX is a well known rotor debarker for debarking medium-sized logs. Nearly 300 pcs of corresponding machines have been delivered throughout the world since the beginning of the 1980s. The long-lasting popularity of this machine model lies behind its reliability and ease of use, which guarantees the customer constantly high quality debarking results with minimum maintenance costs. 


Debarking rotor 

The VK26MX model includes a fixed debarking rotor in the machine frame with a 62 cm diameter. The hydraulically pressed debarking tools (6 pcs) are installed on the outfeed side of the rotor. The tools are manufactured of flexible spring steel, and they do not have separate replaceable tool tips. The design of the tool arms makes them easier to open and minimises wood damage. The special design and the correct materials and production methods ensure the durability of the VK tool arms in any conditions. 


Centring infeed conveyor 

All VK26MX machines are supplied with a centring VK infeed conveyor, model VK450. The infeed conveyor flap features a pre-opening function, which is required when feeding small or light logs in. All VK26MX debarkers feature FibreMax feed rolls with replaceable inserts. 


Technical data 

VK 26MX: 

·         Debarking diameter: 100-620 mm 

·         Min. Log length: 2.1 m 

·         Weight: 11 150 Kg 

·         *rotor: 45KW 

·         *Feedwork: 7.5 + 11 KW 



·         Debarking diameter: 100-620 mm 

·         Min. Log length: 1.6 m 

·         Weight: 12 750 Kg 

·         *rotor: 45KW 

·         *Feedwork: 7.5 + 11KW