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Second-hand Machinery

On all second-hand machines, we undertake to fix anything that is broken, or not working as it should on delivery of the machine, at our costs. If you fall within our radius we will come out at no extra charge if there is a major problem.

Any defects caused by bad maintenance, modifications, and tampering are not covered but can be fixed by us at your expense, including traveling, accommodation, and food for technicians.

We don’t cover any breakages of second-hand machines after they have been in production on your site for more than one (1) week, meaning that any problem must be communicated to us within that week.

New Machinery:

We offer a twelve (12) month guarantee on all new machines. The guarantee commences on the delivery of the machine.

All technical, latent, and manufacture defects are covered in full, however, it does not cover any defects caused by lack of maintenance, modification or tampering, or any events beyond our control. All replacement parts will be original to your machine and, if covered by the guarantee, will be free of charge, however, the shipping and courier costs will be for the buyer’s account. The guarantee is only valid if the machine is used for the intended purpose for which it was manufactured.

Parts that wear out quickly, including bearings, v-belts, switchgear, and electrical wires and components are excluded from this guarantee.


Commissioning of machines can be done by us and is free under certain conditions. Please enquire from us whether you qualify. If necessary, we are prepared to send one or two technicians to your premises to help to install the machine. Air, power, and dust extraction must be in place before our technicians arrive.

Return Policy

Please note that any machinery that is returned will only be accepted on a reselling basis for the client, a 20% fee will be deducted for office use and advertisement



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