Carbide Circular Saw Blade Grinder,

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Carbide Circular Saw Blade Grinder,
TCT, VOLLMER, CHT, Automatic

Made in Germany
Name: Original Vollmer
Model: CHT
Serial nr: 478;
Automatic Sharpener, Face, Top & Angle Grinding, Tungsten Carbide Tip (TCT),
Circular Saw Blades
TCT & HSS Circular Saw Blades & Spindle Cutter Blocks;
Electric – Hydraulic;
Deep grinding / Fine grinding;
Cooling system: 4x nozzle, coolant;
Cooling pump: 40 litre/min;
Electronic adjustment: short tooth angle setting;
Tooth quantity: Automatic setting;
Spotlight: halogen;
Clamping: strong clamping:
Tooth types: see diagram below;
Electric connection: 2 kW;
Diamond blade: 0-125 mm, bore 32 mm;
Blade running speed: 25 m/sec;
Grinding speed: up to 10 teeth/min;
Grinding speed: 0.5 – 6 mm/sec;
Angle, tooth: -5° to +30°;
Angle, face: +7° to +30°;
Angle, back and face: up to 45º;
Circular saw blade: 0-80mm – 0-630 mm;
Spindle cutter blocks: thickness up to 14 mm, bore 0-10-14 mm;
Pitch: 6 – 90 mm;
Weight: ca 750 kg;
Overall dimensions: to follow;
Price: used, reconditioned